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    The CEO folding knife is the embodiment of discreet elegance, with an appearance that could easily be mistaken for a pen securely tucked into a shirt pocket. Its design prioritizes an exceptionally low profile while leaving no room for compromise when it comes to usability and ergonomics. This knife captures the essence of everyday carry in the most practical sense.

    Low Profile: The slim clip seamlessly fits into your pocket, ensuring a comfortable and unobtrusive carry that's always at your side.

    Fast Opening: The inclusion of a thumb stud, combined with the IKBS™ ball bearing pivot, ensures rapid deployment of the blade when you need it most. Quick and effortless, it's ready for action in an instant.

    Strong and Lightweight: The handle is crafted from glass-reinforced nylon, providing a remarkable balance between durability and featherweight design. You can rely on it for rugged use without adding unnecessary bulk to your everyday carry essentials.

    The CEO folding knife is a testament to both form and function, embodying the ethos of practicality and versatility that defines the world of everyday carry. Whether in the boardroom or on an outdoor adventure, it's the perfect companion for those who demand exceptional performance from their tools.

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